Editing Meta Descriptions

after you have the Yoast SEO plugin

installed you can then go to the

different pages and each page you want

to make sure that you do the regular

edit and not the quick edit or edit with

element or or any of the other edits

just the one that says edit because you

just want to go into the edit page area

go in there and there will be a field

right here there will be a like a box

that says Yoast SEO and if it’s

collapsed sometimes it could be

collapsed by default you’ll just click

the down arrow or just click anywhere in

here it’ll open it up it’ll then show

you basically how it looks out on search

engines like like Google or Yahoo or

Bing it’ll show you you know the title

the URL and the description and then you

can click right in here

it’ll have these things called snippet

variables where it’ll just automatically

update you know based on whatever the

title of it of the you know the page is

the separator which is that little

separator right there or and then the

site title which is you know the site

title you can you know remove all that

if you want and put in a custom SEO

title you know you maybe add like a

phone number in there a like a city name

if you wanna you know you’re ranking for

a certain city but you can then you know

edit the SEO title that way if you

delete the variables right here you can

come back in here and then just you know

put them back in no big no big deal on

that one that the slug is just you know

the the URL of the page probably won’t

have to mess with that

and in the Meta Description if there’s

no meta description provided or like if

there’s nothing put in here yet it’ll

try to pull some text from the page and

that can kind of you know

it can get too much sometimes so it’s

you know best to put it in a custom one

because then you know you’ve got this

little bar down here where you know as

you’re typing like that it’ll you know

fill up and I’ll show you just how much

you have left to put in the description

so that’s a nice little tool to use

right there so yeah once you’ve got your

title in there you’ve got your meta

description in when you get to a point

where it gets kind of close to the end

it’ll turn green and that that’ll just

mean that that’s like a good a good like

amount of texture using the Med

description so let’s let’s actually go

to the about page grass and grab some

text and we’ll just put it in there as

an example and kind of show you alright

let’s just put in maybe this and put

this in see how this looks the

description paste it in there all right

so it’s a little long we can kind of you

know bring it down just a little bit

alright right there

but yeah as you do that it’ll show you

right there where it’s green when it

turns green that means it’s it’s a good

description there it’s like a good

length of a description you wouldn’t try

to use the most like the most to the

point where it’s not too long because if

you have too much right here it’ll show

you that it cuts off at some point and

you know you you don’t want it cutting

off when people are seeing it out on

Google or any other search engine so

yeah that’s basically it once you have

that in there you can then just update

the page and that will update the SEO or

the meta descriptions for that page

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