Contact Form 7

set up some basic contact forms here
site you can use the contact form 7
plugin which is free and it’s a very
basic and straightforward plugin to use
a lot of the themes that are coming out
now are coming out with this contact
form plug-in as their you know main
contact form go to just because it’s
free it’s easy easily editable you can
you know design you can change the CSS
with it just very easily and it’s very
intuitive plug-in for contact forms and
they also have a lot of add-ons that you
can add to it which are also free so
that that’s why a lot of themes are
really going towards this contact form 7
but it’s not as robust and it’s not as
strong as the gravity form plug-in which
is another common contact form plug-in
so for the contact form 7 to go to this
on over on the left hand side once you
have this installed on your site you
just go to where it says contact and you
just click on that and it’ll bring up a
list of any previous contact forms
you’ve created or you can click add new
and create a new one so let’s do that
we’ll add a new one and you know it
might ask if you want to use the default
language it might not ask you it
sometimes it does we’ll do add new I’m
doing English and then it’ll bring up a
basic form where it’s you know name
email subject and message which are you
know pretty pretty basic contact form
set up and let’s add a title to our
contact form this doesn’t necessarily
mean it will show on your site you can
decide if the contact form title will
show along with all the different fields
so let’s just give it a name let’s just
put contact us form
and then down below this is where we can
make any changes we want to it so if we
want something basic we could just use
this but if we want something more
complex like let’s say we want to add a
phone number so this would be the TE L
tell for telephone and we want to put
that below email so we what we could do
is leave a little space hit tell and
then this is where we fill out different
stuff so if we want this to be required
click that and the name this is
something you don’t need to change it’s
just it’s just kind of like a well I’ll
show you later on where you add this to
like the notification that you get to
your email and default value we could
change that we could put you know
something default so that people know
how to fill it out
like if we put it you know if this was
like an email field and we put default
value we could put like email at email
comm so that people know you know this
is how you need to fill out your email
but we can leave this um you know empty
for now so we’ll put insert tag now that
we have this and what it does it just
puts a basic shortcode in there and
you’ll see for the different areas there
is some custom coding and what that will
do is these are called field labels and
the shortcode actually just generates
where the person will type in their
information and then above here the
label is what people will see it’ll say
you know your name and then it’ll show
the field that they fill in so we want
to add that stuff in there so what we
can do is we can just take one of these
copy it and we want to put that right
above our shortcode and then we want to
change the information so it’s your name
we can put your phone and then since
this is a required field it’s got the
little asterisk next to it we can put
required or we can put a little you know
right next to it just to show that it is
required so let’s just put required for
now and we got our break code without
the break code if we had let’s say we
put the shortcode next to here that
would then when we see the form out on
the main site that would show the label
and then right next to it would be the
field that people type in and we don’t
want that we want the field to be after
the label so we want to put in what is
called a break tag or break code right
after that and we want our shortcode to
be on the next line and then you’ll see
that it’s got this little p tag and
that’s for that’s called a paragraph tag
and this is the opening tag and then we
want the closing tag and you’ll see it’s
in the other one so like it really helps
that they set it up like a like a
default setup for you so that you kind
of see how it works and then we want to
put that ending tag right there so now
we have our name email and we’re asking
for their phone and then the subject
message and this is where the send
button will be so now we have those and
we can add any further information to
this like we can add a file where a
person can upload a file like let’s say
we’re making a form for people to submit
their resume so we can even put this
this file and then say we want them to
submit a file we could also have maybe
any check boxes like let’s say we are
you know selling certain services and we
want to know if the person’s interested
in our graphic design are our marketing
our web design just all the stuff so we
could put like a check box area asking
if you know what what information are
you interested in and then they can
check off what they want and then that
will submit along with the notification
mail so let’s go to that now these are
the different form fields that you can
use a really helpful one is this
reCAPTCHA and once that’s set up peep
will be required to click a little
button and this just really prevents a
lot of spam being sent to your email
because if you just have some basic
stuff set up there are a lot of there
called BOTS and there they’re able to
automatically put in information into
the fields and click the send button
without any person having to do it like
it’s it’s so automatic and it’s very
spammy and you can get a lot of spam
messages so that’s what this reCAPTCHA
is it it makes it so that the person has
to put in either a code or they can
click this little box that says that
they’re that they’re real that they’re a
real person submitting this so that’s
that’s another option for that so let’s
go to this mail tag and this is where
you would put in any your email so let’s
say you want it to your admin email so
we put that in so there’s your email
that you want this message being sent to
and this is where it’ll say where it’s
from you can put anything you want there
you could put what this says is from
your name and what that is you’ll go
back to here and it says your name
so what it’ll say is it’ll say the
person’s name that they fill in in the
field and then we can then put so let’s
say here’s their email we could put this
right here your email so then if someone
when someone puts in their email it’ll
then say that it’s from the name of the
person and the email of the person and
then in subject line we could put
something default we could say contact
form submission from website so then
every notification you get will say that
in the subject line or we can say since
we do ask them for a subject field we
could put in the subject just like they
had it so you are subject so then
whatever the person puts in to the
subject the your subject field and will
then show up in the subject and then
additional headers and message body and
the message body is where we can fill in
any additional information so you’ll
notice that we put we added the phone
field and right now there’s nothing in
the email notification asking for the
phone number so here’s the message body
and what we could do is we could add a
little section that says a phone number
and then this is where we would put this
phone number shortcode we don’t actually
need this beginning part so right there
so then once we have that in whatever
phone number the person puts in when
they submit the form then it will get
put right here into the email
notification and that can go with any
other form so if we along with the phone
number let’s say we want to add you know
we have our checkboxes and options we
can put you know option one option two
option three and then that will put the
different options out on the form that
people can choose let’s insert that tag
and then what we need to put in is we
want to know what options they choose so
all we need is this check box code put
that in your mail option let’s pair
little brackets right there and so now
whatever options was people choose will
get put into the email notification form
right there where there are shortcode is
and that goes with any other of these if
we want to add a date we want to add
just a plain number you know we can say
how old are you and they put in a number
we can then put that shortcode right
into our form notification that goes
right to our email and then it’ll say
whatever that person puts in that field
and that goes with any of the others
so now once that’s done we can also add
another notification if we want to add
another male so let’s say we have a
person that gets the email notifications
and we want another one sent somewhere
else we would just use this mail too and
then now we have another one that will
receive the form notification once
someone submits it and any of these is
just kind of default you don’t really
need to mess with any of these you could
you could actually change it up if you
want so like let’s say the sender’s
message was sent successfully and this
is what the person will see once they
send a form notification they can change
this and say you know thank you very
much we appreciate your feedback
you know anything like that and then
that is what the message that the person
will receive and then you can kind of
read along here about the different
messages that they might get so like if
it was failed you know then they’ll get
this Metra’s failed to send your message
please try later or contact the
administrator so those can be changed
the additional settings is some custom
coding that goes along with this plugin
this is kind of go it goes with how very
editable this plug-in is so on the
contact form 7 website where you can
download the plug-in and you can kind of
read about it they they include a lot of
additional settings that you can add to
your site to kind of make it a lot
better so they’re like one instance is
we had something where we wanted to once
someone submits a form submits the form
and we wanted them to go to like a Thank
You page well there was a custom code
that we can put in here that allowed us
to redirect the person after they
submitted the form then the person was
redirected to the thank you page and we
could track you know how many people
landed on thank you page so that’s kind
of just an example of additional
settings it’s just some extra coding so
that is the basics of setting up a new
form once you’re done just hit save
and then once you save the form it’ll
then give you a shortcode the shortcode
is you know the the thing in the
brackets here and wherever you want this
form to be just copy this you can just
click right in there and it selects the
whole thing copy that and then you can
paste this shortcode into any page into
any widget anywhere you want that form –
oh you can paste that shortcode in there
and then that form will show

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