Bridge Theme – QODE Slider

Video Summary

How to use the QODE Slider

  • Go to the left-hand side of the plugin and click on the sliders
  • Once there you can edit and create new slides

Video Transcript

so the code slider which is used by the

bridge theme is very it’s fairly simple

to use over on the left-hand side you’ll

see the tab that says code slider if you

click on that it’ll take you to the

slides section and if you click on the

sliders you can then go to the sliders

part of the plug-in and you’ll see what

different sliders you’ve created and

which ones are you know currently being

used right now this is only one that is

active and we can click Edit on that and

change the settings or we can fill out

this information here on the left hand

side and create a new slider so once you

have created a slider let’s just go in

and check out the settings there’s not

much to it you know you can set up the

effect on the header like the header can

change colors depending on what slide

you have so like if you have a dark

colored slide and you want your header

to be light so that you know the menu

items show you can change that option

right here the parallax effect that is

when you’re scrolling up and down and

the background image or like the slide

image kind of Scrolls slowly you know

not quickly so that kind of looks like

you know the slide is a little bit

further back than what the website is so

it just kind of gives it a cool effect

the slider shortcode if you copy this

you can triple click or you can just

scroll and highlight it all and then

just click copy and then when you go

into your page that you want the slider

to show let’s say you’re on the home

page scroll down to the sources code

general layers slider or code slider

shortcode and right in here is where

you’ll paste in the shortcode which you

see we’ve already done right here now

there’s some options in the shortcode

that you can change where it says OTO

start you can set that you know the

false are true animation type we have it

to fade or if you type in slide the the

images will slide instead of the have

the fade effect slide animation this is

how many seconds the slide will show

which is they go by milliseconds so 8000

would be 8 seconds you can change the

height of it and responsive which is

responsive to like mobile or if you know

this screen is a little smaller and you

can set a background color these are the

different options in the slider short

code the code slider short code so once

you have your slider all set

you got your shortcode in to your page

that you want it to show you can now go

to the slides and we already have some

in there right now and when you create

one it’s really quick if you create a

slide and then you can just click clone

which then it’ll just copy the same

slide then you can go in and make your

changes so let’s just go in and check

out one of the slides okay we got the

title and that shows on the slider let’s

just show what it pops up as

so you’ll see we have the title and this

should pop up first right there titles

first and then we’ve got a slide image

which you’ll see in the background there

and it’s got the fade effect let’s just

go back you’ll see the little subtitle

text right there if you keep scrolling

down go down to the slide text which is

what we have right there which will then

appear below the title you can also set

this to show you can have the title show

let’s see where’s that option there is

an option to show the title below or you

can show the title above the slide text

one of the slides we do have that on

there so you’ve got you know title and

then the slide text and then you got a

little button you can set this down

where says button button – it just kind

of changes up the colors you can have

like a primary color and then there’s a

secondary color and the it’ll button one

we use the primary color and button –

we’ll use the secondary color so you can

change the label and then this is where

the button will link to so those are

just kind of the basic options forward

the slide you know the graphic if you

have a graphic in your slide you want

you can align that text we have it

aligned centered and content positioning

this is just kind of default stuff

that’s just set up and right here is

where you know it says the subtitle you

can position that either below the title

or above the title and just kind of some

other general information like here is

the header skin if your slider is using

the header effects if you have you know

either image with the dark background

with the dark colors you can change the

header skin to light so then when this

slide will show it’ll then show

the light header text so that you can

see it over the dark-colored slide so

that’s also an option and then once you

have everything in there for your slide

go over on the right-hand side and just

check the slider that you want it to you

want it to associate with and then hit

the order so then you know this will be

slide one and it’ll show on home slide

or two and then you can click if it says

update or publish and then that will

just update it then go back to your

slides and then you can check those out

and then you know once you have all the

slides that you want you can just go

back to your page that you put the

shortcode in and you know refresh it and

check it out and that should be good to

go then

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