Bridge Theme – Editing Horizontal Galleries in WordPress

How Do I Edit Horizontal Galleries in WordPress?

  1. Log in to wp-admin with user name and password.
  2. In the dashboard, click on “Pages”.
  3. Select the page you want and click “Edit”.
  4. Scroll down to “Quode Image Slider”.
  5. Click the pencil “Edit Quode Image Slider” tool.
  6. Click the red “x” to remove any of the images you don’t want.
  7. You can drag and move the images around to change the order.
  8. Click the green + sign to “Add Images”.
  9. Click to “Upload Files” from your computer or select existing images from the Media Library. (NOTE: You can select more than one image to add. Make sure that the images you are loading in are at least 400 pixels tall to fit in the slider.)
  10. Click “Add Images”.
  11. Once you are done adding images, click “Save Changes”.
  12. Click “Update” to update the page.

to edit these horizontal galleries when

you’re logged into WordPress on the page

you want to edit go up to edit page and

the admin bar will be the edit page link

these horizontal galleries are a pretty

quick update here so scroll down to

where it is and you’ll see it’ll say a

code image slider click the pencil icon

to edit it and you’ll see little

thumbnails of the images that already in

there to remove any of these you can

click the red X that’s on them and you

can also click and drag them to

rearrange the order to add new items

you’ll want to click the green plus icon

and you can upload files from your

computer or grab them from the media

library the size of the slider it’s 400

pixels tall so that’s something to keep

in mind when uploading the images is as

long as the image is at least 400 pixels

tall then it’ll work just fine so when

you choose the new images that you want

in here you can actually click more than

one to choose them like this you’ll see

little icons down here and then to

remove them you’ll just click the checks

the check will change to a minus like

that so when you have selected the

images you want click Add images down

here it’ll take some time to load and

then you’ll see the thumbnails here of

all the images that are in there once

you’re done with that click Save Changes

and then click update to update the page

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