Basic WordPress Admin Introduction Video


The three most commonly used WordPress features

  • First, posts. Posts are your blog content where your news and other articles are made public.
  • Second, pages. Adding pages is what creates space for your posts and other media.
  • Third, widgets. Widgets are the items that go on sidebars.

Video Transcript

hello this is Steve Schmidt and this is

a very basic introduction to the

WordPress administration area once you

log in there’s basically three places

that you’ll probably use quite often and

a lot of places you probably won’t get

into very much the first common area are

posts posts are your blog content

sometimes they are your news pieces or

other articles or whatever types of

pages you put up that you make a lot of

so if we click on posts and all post we

would see a full list of those posts if

there are any in here and if we want to

add new we’d simply click add new and

this is very much just like editing a

page we have our title our content and

extra settings on the side so that

brings us to the next one pages laid out

basically the same adding a new page

pretty much has the same kind of layout

the third area I probably get into more

than the others is appearance widgets

and widgets are the little items that go

in the footer and the things that go in

the sidebar and this is where you would

go to edit those things usually so you

would just find the sidebar that your

stuff is in and you’d expand it then you

could expand the information and type in

here and click Save to update that

content well that’s a basic introduction

to WordPress admin

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