301 Redirects – How and Why to Use Them

301 Redirects – How and Why to Use Them


to set up a new 301 redirect you want to

go to the settings area and click on

five-second redirect that is the the

name of the plugin that is used to set

up these URL redirects called

301 redirects now the purpose of this is

let’s say we have an old site and we are

creating a new one and some of the URLs

are different for different for some of

the pages now some will be the same

let’s say we have an about page or we

have a contact page the majority of

these are going to be the same so if we

go to the about page ok so we’re on the

about page on the old site and we can

see that after com it is just about and

on the new one after com it is the same

thing so we would not need to set up a

redirect for this because if someone has

this old URL then what when they try to

go to that same URL it’ll just

automatically go to the new page on the

new site but there are some times when

the URL is different so on the old site

if we have maybe a significant page

that’s specific to our website not just

like a normal about page or a normal

contact page but we have something

that’s kind of like products that we

provide or we sell or something like

that and sometimes these URLs do change

so on the old site

this one says products and if we go to

the new one

this products page says hydraulic

products so for this one we would need

to set up a 301 redirect because what

would happen is if someone would type

this in on the new site let’s say

someone would go to this page on the new

site they would go to a page that would

either have nothing on it it would

either be a page that you don’t really

want people going to or sometimes you

will get a 404 let’s just type in some

URL that is not on the new site and

sometimes they’ll get something like

this where it’s a 404 and the page is

not found so to avoid this this is where

we set up a redirect so let’s set one up

for the products so what will happen is

once the new site is live we won’t we

want everyone that has a URL from the

old site to be able to put in that URL

that they have and be directed to the

correct page so let’s set up one for the

products page and what we need is let’s

go to five-second redirect create a new

redirect rule and insource URL we want

to put in the old URL so we want to put

in everything after com starting with

the first forward slash and everything

after it copy that

put that into source URL so here’s the

old URL that we want people to be

redirected from and now we want to find

our new URL on the new page we want to

get everything after comm and we will

paste that into the target URL hit save

and by default it’ll say 301 moved

permanently and that’s the one that we

want so we’ll click Save new rules being

created and we’ll click OK now let’s try

this on something that is more unique to

the page so one of the products we will

use this hydraulic stabilization systems

as an example click that here is the old

URL that people may have they may have a

link to that URL so we want to make sure

that they’re redirected to the new

hydraulic stabilization systems page so

let’s find the new page here’s the new

hydraulic stabilization page and we can

see that the URLs are different this is

hydraulic products hydraulic

stabilization system components and on

the old one it just has portfolio item

stabilized stabilizing systems so we

want people to be redirected to this new

URL so let’s get everything after comm

from the old site copy and we’re going

to create a new rule paste the old one

into source and we want to get the new

one everything after calm copy that and

put that into the target URL hit save

and then it’ll update so let’s try this

one out let’s put in this old URL and

make sure that our redirect is set up

correctly let’s just go to a different

page for right now all right so let’s

paste in our old URL so now this is the

old URL and this should redirect to the

new one that we just set up the redirect


put that in and there it is

it was redirected to the new URL so what

what is really what comes down to this

is it you need to search through the old

site and everything that you want

redirected like you can even do it with

PDFs you can do it with PDFs you can do

it with images just different links and

it’s just basically creating the new

rule putting the old URL into source and

then putting the new URL after comm and

pasting that into the target that the

page that you want them to be redirected

to this is really handy this is also

search engine optimization it’s

beneficial to that Google can recognize

if people are getting a lot of 404

errors Google can recognize that in your

site can get hurt where it ranks because

of these redirects not being set up so

this is kind of a crucial thing to set

up when you’re going from an old site to

a new site and there are new links that

people might need

301 Redirects - How and Why to Use Them
301 Redirects - How and Why to Use Them

Learn why you need 301 redirects and the process for making a 301 Redirect using the 5 Sec Redirect plugin in WordPress.

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