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Improve Your Project Management Process with an “Action Register”

Action Register Screenshot

Six Revisions published Steve’s article on how to streamline your work week and project management process using a simple tool called an “Action Register.” This article was written for designers working with clients, but the principles can be easily put to use in any project management scenario that marketing professionals handle.

Manage Your Web Design Projects Better with an “Action Register”



More Leads By Removing 3 Website Bottlenecks

Part 4 of How to Plan a Website You Will Love

One of our international clients had 0.1% of visitors contacting them. After implementing the points in this article, their results went up to 1%. That’s 10X improvement! If it’s important to you to get more leads from your website, read on.

If you are intentional in focusing your homepage, landing pages and call to actions on your goal of getting leads and follow these guidelines, you should see improved results. Seriously.