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Effect Web Agency is a strategic web design and web marketing company in Elkhart, Indiana.

We help small and medium-sized businesses realize their vision of an effective website. We are a full-service web agency focused on results.

Effect exists to empower people to reach their full potential. For clients, this means:

  • Providing trusted guidance
  • Equipping with the right tools
  • Training to take control
  • Leveraging strengths


Effect understands that the future is now and the present is ever-changing. With that understanding, Effect has helped Starr Austen & Miller LLP, a 36-year-old law firm, stay competitive in the legal marketplace as technology continues to evolve.”

Scott Starr, Partner, Starr Austen and Miller, Logansport, Indiana


When it came time to develop a new website, Steve and I met to discuss the goals of the site. Together we created an outline and Effect’s step by step approach to developing a site helped keep our project on track. The result was a simple and effective website that meets all of our initial objectives.”

Stacey Miller, All American Homes, Elkhart, Indiana


“Effect was very hands on and timely in responses. They did a really nice job in interpreting what we wanted and we’re very pleased with the outcome. Very friendly, very easy to work with.”

Lacey Lynch, Director of Marketing, Innovative Consulting Group, New York, NY


“I came to Effect with a very specific atmosphere that I wanted to convey on my website. They spent a great deal of time with me – discussing different options, showing various mock-up designs. What they achieved was exactly what I was after. Effect was able to take a feeling and translate it onto the page. And, just as important, the support after the page went live was excellent. Effect Web Agency excels at both web design and development.”

Gary Sieber, Chief Marketing Officer, MCM, Elkhart, Indiana