WP 5.1 Increases Website Speed & Security

WordPress just released version 5.1 which upgrades previous versions by improving both the speed and security of websites. In addition, this newest version also improves even further on the new block editor.

Version 5.1

One of the primary changes from WP 5.0.3 to 5.1 is that WordPress now sends alerts to site administrators if they are running outdated versions of PHP.

The newest PHP version is 7.1.26, released in January 2019. Older versions may have potential speed and security issues. WP 5.1 also alerts admins if one of their plugins requires a version of PHP that is incompatible with the site and will forbid the installation of the plugin if that is so.

Another feature of Version 5.1 is improved editor performance. WordPress has sped up their new block editor and made the overall interface feel smoother and more responsive. WordPress states that they will continue to improve the editor even more in the future.

Developer Tools

Many of the enhancements found in 5.1 are related to new and better developer tools.

  • Multisite metadata
  • Updated Cron API
  • New JavaScript build processes
  • Other miscellaneous improvements

Many website administrators may not feel that they need access to those tools, but your developers will welcome the upgrades.

Should you update?

WordPress 5.0 was one of the most dynamic WordPress updates in a long time. When making such a large shift, bugs will show up, even with the best testing and planning. Each subsequent release since 5.0 has sought to improve performance and security. It is important to update to the newest WordPress version 5.1 and update your plugins as new releases are made so that you aren’t exposed to vulnerabilities.

WordPress is installed on over 60 million websites and continues to be the top choice for a majority of top websites.  Effect Web Agency builds and maintains WordPress websites for clients in a variety of industries. If you have questions about WordPress 5.1 and whether or not you should update, contact Effect and learn more about the implications for your site.

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