The recent release of WordPress 5.6 brought with it many new updates and features. WordPress has offered much in the way of content management for many years. And the recent update continues that trend by offering several benefits. Here’s what’s new with WP 5.6!

New Theme

WordPress 5.6, codenamed “Simone” comes with a brand new theme. “Twenty Twenty-One” serves as a canvas for the ideas of the user. Whereas the block editor serves as the brush. The new theme is meant to work in tandem with the block editor to help make the user’s experience simple, refreshing, and easy to use.

This new theme allows users to switch between layouts in only a few seconds, as well as keep designs consistent to improve the visual appeal of the site. The new theme comes in a variety of pastel colors and allows individual creativity on the part of the consumer. 

New Block Patterns

WP 5.6 brings with it the ability to adjust the video position within a block. Before you could only do this with images. 

Other features make your block much more customizable. WP 5.6 also adds several new patterns which reduces the amount of time you spend customizing each page. Patterns are also easily shared with other members of your team. 

Auto-Updates For WP Core

For a long time, only developers could update WordPress automatically. WP 5.5 introduced auto-updating for themes and plug-ins. However, WP 5.6 kicks it up a notch by allowing auto-update for major WordPress releases. 

This offers you peace of mind knowing that you have and are running the most updated version or WordPress. 

Better Layout Flexibility

WordPress 5.6 comes with several new tools that allow you to better customize your layout. This flexibility is seen by the addition of single-column blocks, full-width headers, designs with mixed columns and widths, and even gradients for cover blocks. 

Compatibility With PHP 8

WordPress is written primarily with the PHP programming language. Just as WordPress is updated, so is PHP. WP 5.6 came ready to work with PHP 8, their most recent update. 

This saves you from having to worry about any potential problems. However, you may still need to test your themes and plug-ins individually for compatibility with PHP 8. 

Application Passwords

This feature is a great way to allow access to portions of your site without giving out your log-in information. This feature creates password locks for different applications on your site that may need to be worked on. 

This means you can give external source permission and access to make changes without having to give them access to your whole site. Think of it like a key to your garage rather than a key to your house.

WP 5.6 has several beneficial updates that should be taken advantage of. If you haven’t switched yet, take that step today!

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