What’s New in WordPress 5.4

On March 31, 2020, WordPress released WordPress 5.4, a major update, with bug fixes, and security updates. The majority of the bug fixes are related to the Gutenberg editor, which is gaining popularity among web designers. Let’s take a look at what’s new in WordPress 5.4.

WordPress 5.4 and Gutenberg

In an effort to improve the user experience, WordPress has made changes related to the Gutenberg interface. These changes include fullscreen mode by default, a better mobile toolbar, breadcrumbs, and improved block selection.

With this release, you get two new blocks and expanded functionality for several existing blocks.

  • Social Icons Block – NEW
  • Buttons Block – NEW
  • Color Options – Enhanced
  • Featured Images in Latest Posts Block – NEW
  • Breadcrumb Bar for Blocks – NEW

WordPress 5.4 also offers a number of new Gutenberg features specifically geared towards developers. Block Editor shortcuts, Block Collections, and Gradient Theme APIs are just a few. You can learn more about the Developer changes HERE.

Site Health Tools

Besides updates to the editor, WordPress 5.4 also introduces improvements to the REST API and Site Health Tool.

The REST API allows systems outside your WordPress installation itself to interact with WordPress. This transforms WordPress from a simple content management system to an application platform, capable of integrating with third-party applications. In other words, WordPress will now integrate with more frontend technologies and systems, improving your user experience and your customer’s.

If you go to “Tools” > “Site Health” in the WordPress dashboard toolbar, there is a new page called “Status.” There you will find a score percentage that reflects how many site tests your website passes. It’s unlikely that you will ever receive a score of 100%, but it does raise awareness among users regarding the need to update their sites.

What most people don’t realize is that out-of-date plugins and themes (even when deactivated) provide an entry point for hackers. The only way to keep a site secure is to remove inactive plugins and themes and update active ones.

If your site has not been updated to WordPress 5.4, or if you have concerns about site security, give us a call. Our team can perform the updates and quickly scan for technical issues and fix them.

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