What’s New in WordPress 5.3?

The last major update for WordPress this year is just around the corner. WordPress 5.3 was released to first candidates in mid-October and, since then, developers have been working to identify and scrub any bugs. The finalized version of WP 5.3 has a targeted release date of November 12, 2019.

Features of WP 5.3

In WP 5.3 you can expect even more updates to Gutenberg including new features and improvements to the existing elements and a new user interface update for the WordPress dashboard.


Many of the enhancements to Gutenberg involve blocks. You will now be able to create groups of blocks and interact with them as a single entity.

If you are familiar with other page builders, you can think of this as creating a row (Visual Composer) or inner section (Elementor). You can insert various blocks within a block in Gutenberg and then move or duplicate them more easily than if they were separated.

The columns block will now let you adjust the layout and the width of the columns and the tables block can now be styled. There are also changes to the styling options of the button block and the latest posts block.

Brand new to WP 5.3 is the social links block. You can now easily add social media icons directly into your page or post.


For those who update their own sites or for the developer, the newest enhancements to the function of WordPress will be welcome.

WordPress will adjust its image loading process so that large images uploaded from mobile will no longer “break” before they finish. WordPress will also fix image rotation using the EXIF metadata from your phone or camera.

With the release of WP 5.3, you will need to verify any changes to your site’s admin email. This is the email set in your General>Settings field. There are also updates to the Site Health Tool that was a new feature in WP 5.1. The evaluation of the site’s security issues are addressed in plainer language and suggestions for improvements are given.

Here are other features of WP 5.3 that should be of interest to developers:


  • Checkbox for “discouraging search engines from indexing” that applies to the whole site.
  • The user password can now be toggled to display. This means you can copy without having to regenerate a new password.

We recommend that you update to the newest version of WordPress, and also keep themes and plugins up-to-date. This prevents security issues and gives a more seamless customer experience. If you would like information on how to update your site to WP 5.3, use our webform or call.

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