What are the right keywords for Google Adwords?

Choosing keywords for an Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) campaign is a little different from choosing keywords for a natural search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. With Adwords, you can instantly display your ad for any keyword you choose – if you are willing to pay the right amount. You can also target as many keywords as you wish at the same time. However, it’s important to know that some keywords will be more effective than others. We’ll focus on choosing target keywords according to the following considerations:

Is this keyword (or phrase) likely to bring buyers?

Its important to select keywords that are more likely to convert a visitor into a buyer or lead submission. Most keywords can bring traffic, but we really only care about the number of conversions – that is: visitors that come into your site and accomplish a goal on the site like purchasing, downloading a white paper, or submitting a lead.

Keywords that bring a lot of traffic but little or no conversions may waste money. We monitor stats as we go and adjust the keywords accordingly to continually tweak for optimal performance of an Adwords budget.

Is your target audience conducting searches with these keywords?

Sometimes people search using keywords you might not expect. This is why we create a “Seed” Keyword List and expand upon that list with the help of keyword tools (discussed further down).

How competitive is a keyword?

Does your current reputation with search engines make it feasible to target highly competitive terms now or later, and what does the budget allow?

The Ideal Keyword

The Ideal Keyword encompasses the following qualifications: is very specific to your offering, your target audience is conducting a large amount of searches for it currently, and it has a low amount of competition.

Target Keyword Research

The right keywords are the foundation for your Adwords campaign. First, it’s important to make a list of all the keywords we think our audience(s) are using. This could be a compilation of industry terms, lay terms and sometimes even related products, services, or situational phrases. This is your “See Keyword List”. It’s important to draw out all the potential keywords from the minds of your team, but don’t worry about being exhaustive. The next step is querying Keyword Tools such as Google’s “Keyword Tool” for more related keywords. This is done by inputting your Seed Keywords List. Google’s tool then expounds upon that list giving you more to to choose from. Ultimately, the final keyword list is selected based on how much traffic is estimated to be required to reach your sales or lead submission goals, the competition of the keyword(s), and the relevancy to your offering.

Need Help?

Figuring our how much traffic you need, which keywords have the potential to bring that traffic, and other critical factors to reach specific goals is one of the main facets to what we do. Contact us for a free consultation.

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