Oodles of Eyeballs

Oodles of Eyeballs

We’re an obsessive bunch. As marketers and Web developers we dream of hoards of qualified traffic visiting our Web sites. We get hyped up over Web analytics reports and incessantly want to improve how well our site is performing. While that in itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s time to shift our energy toward exploring the large number of content delivery options that exist.

Web sites and blog are obvious choices for delivering your content but there are many other tools that when incorporated into a comprehensive strategy, can rapidly multiple the number of eyeballs that are viewing your content.

In an insightful blog post from Smashing Magazine, Paul Boag talks about some of these delivery tools in his post 10 Ways to Put Your Content in Front of More People. He highlights the follow tools:

  1. Desktop applications
  2. Mobile applications
  3. Twitter
  4. Article syndication
  5. Facebook
  6. Widgets and API’s
  7. RSS feeds
  8. Multimedia
  9. Streaming video
  10. Email

Which of these delivery mechanisms have you had success in using? Have you found some that haven’t worked so well for you? Post your feedback in the comment section below.

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