Do You Know What Makes Your Customers ALMOST Buy?

Do You Know What Makes Your Customers ALMOST Buy?

It’s interesting to think about what makes your customers bail on you at the last minute. They’ve come 90% of the way by putting items in the shopping cart or filling out the majority of a contact form. But before they commit they’ve gotten cold feet and jumped ship.

One theory points to the unscrupulous troll of fear. There is the fear of wasting money, fear of mockery, and the fear of looking stupid.

While I agree that fear does play a role, especially the fear of the unknown, I think there are more reasons behind customers lack of follow through.

Failure to Convey What’s In It for Them

Somewhere along the way there has been a hiccup in your communication strategy. You haven’t given your potential customer a clear reason as to WHY they need to commit or what s in it for them. Start with stating the benefits. Keep your sales copy short, interesting, and highlight only what’s most important.

Sleazy Salesman Alert

No one likes a sales pitch. Just like you ignore telemarketers, your customers can smell a sales pitch a mile away and will shy away from it. Be authentic and prove to them first what you have something that can benefit them, and secondly that you can be trusted.

Level of Professionalism

Do your Web site graphics do a good job a telling the story of your company? The way your website design looks and how consistently it functions says a lot about your company and your level of professionalism. Outdated graphics, broken links, and spelling errors scream, “I am not reliable. Don’t trust me!”.

Hiding Behind a Mask

In the era of social media and interconnectedness, customers want to see the real you. Be as transparent and accessible as possible. Show pictures of yourself and your team. Tell your story. The more your customers feel like they know the real you, the more willing they will be to commit.

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