Visitors Stay When You Communicate Clearly.

Part 3 of How to Plan a Website You Will Love



Visitors ask “What are you about?” as soon as your website pops up.

They probably have some kind of idea that you might be what they are looking for, but they are not sure yet. Statistics tell us that you have about 3 seconds to make it clear before they click the back button.

3 Ways you can clearly communicate what you’re about

1. The way your website looks and feels should match you and your offering.

This is the first judgement they will make. If the appearance feels right, you are good here. But if, for example, you say you are high tech provider of something, but your website looks like it’s from the 80s, then you lose the potential customer. Likewise, if you say you are all about customer service, but it’s hard to find your phone number, than that will just not make sense to the visitor and they are gone.

2. You need a concise message to tell them what you do.

Can a visitor easily size up your scope of products and services?
Do you have too much stuff begging them for attention on your website?

Having a concise message is a factor you control. The best advice I can give you without actually working with you is: keep it simple. If you can only get someone to remember three points about your business, what would they be? Anything more is usually perceived as clutter, ignored or forgotten.

3. Your difference must be clear.

First, you must be confident that the differences you tell people about are actually what they care about. If you’re not, one of the best ways to find out is by asking your best customers “Why do you work with us?”. Does their answer line up with your difference? Once you settle that, only try to communicate your top two or three differences.

How different are you really? Would you say “We sell heating and cooling products and services”? While that categorize you in the realm of being a possible provider, that statement offers no reason for the visitor to choose you over anyone else. If your main difference is quick service, a better way of saying it might be: “The only heating and cooling company with next day service in the tri-state area.” That will give your visitors the information they need to decide whether or not they will invest more time on your website.



Here at Effect Web Agency, I could say that our difference is our great customer service – but it’s not really a difference, it’s a broad concept that is too nebulous to get a hold of. It’s got to be a tangible difference. One tangible difference of Effect is that we train clients to do things like search engine optimization themselves. Have you heard of another web development company that will teach you how to do search engine optimization like professionals? That is a clear difference.

When in doubt, keep it simple.

Your customers appreciate it when you keep it simple. It allows them to accomplish their mission: size up and make a decision. Give them the crucial information needed for the type of decision they are making at the moment and no more. In the case of a visitor landing on a homepage – let them size you up quickly with your clear ‘about text’, give them your few and clear differences and guide them to next steps.

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