Which Digital Marketing Channel Is Right for You?

Which digital marketing channels will give you the best ROI?

Watch the video and see the Pros and Cons List of all the major traffic sources.

organicOrganic Search (General search engine results)
  • Typically highest rate of visitors converting
  • Can get some quick wins by just “optimizing” the pages for Google
  • Grows over time
  • Not paying per visitor
  • Takes time to build reputation
  • Takes time and effort to publish quality content
  • Difficult to get linked from great sites unless you really have something unique
remarketingRemarketing Advertising (Ads that follow visitors around the Internet)
  • More effective than advertising to new people
  • ROI easy to measure
  • Lower cost
  • Smaller amount of traffic (depends on how big your list of people is)
  • Takes time to build a big list of people to remarket to
googleGoogle Adwords (These are ads in the Google search engine)
  • Turns on traffic like a faucet
  • ROI easy to measure
  • It will grow your list of subscribers and people to remarket to
  • Can cost more per lead than other ways
writingContent Marketing - Blog & Social Media Posts
  • Bursts of traffic when you publish
  • Residual traffic for years
  • Shares grow your audience organically
  • Builds trust with your audience and positions you as an expert in your field
  • Takes time and creative thought to make content unique & valuable
  • Response can be hit or miss
deliverDeliver Your Posts through Email Marketing
  • Stay in touch with your audience so you are in front of them when they are ready to take action
  • Some additional costs for a contact database and managing email sending
localLocal Listings
  • Mostly a one-time effort
  • Inexpensive to setup
  • Free traffic for a long time
  • Amount of traffic depends on size of local population
customCustom Web Marketing Programs for Your Dealers (If you have dealers, you want them to get plenty of leads so you both can grow)
  • Dealers and you get more leads and sales
  • Once you work out a proven strategy with your top dealers, it’s easy to replicate to other dealers
  • Initial cost to test and shape a working strategy with your best dealers
facebookFacebook Ads
  • Turn on traffic
  • Show ads to a specific target audience by demographics
  • Traffic conversion rate typically low, unless you’ve got something very unique
  • Typically lower amounts of traffic
  • Can send lots of traffic
  • No fees
  • Takes payroll hours
  • Conversion rate is low
  • Only works if your stuff is really unique and appropriate for Pinterest

If you would like to download the Traffic Sources Pros & Cons PDF, click the image below.

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