$250 Referral Program

Know someone who needs a new website or digital marketing services?

Refer a new client and get a $250 Amazon gift card* for each referral who becomes a customer.

Referral Program Details

  • If your referral spends $2000 or more on any of our services, you will receive a $250 Amazon gift card. This program is for new clients only.
  • You will receive your $250 referral gift 30 days after the client hires Effect. We are officially hired after their initial invoice has been paid.
  • There are no limits. However, be aware that we may not be the best fit for every business. So, sometimes the person/business you referred may decline to hire us. Effect may also decline the job for any reason.
  • The company referred must have 5 or more employees and have been in business for 5+ years.
  • You must personally refer the company and have a verifiable connection to a person within their business.
  • If we determine that you as the referrer are not participating in our program with integrity, we reserve the right to cease referral payments to you at any time for any reason. Also, you can’t refer your own company (Sorry!)
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Make sure you fill out the Referral Form accurately and promptly every time you refer someone. Let us know how we can support your efforts. If you need business cards, call Steve Schmidt at (574) 533-3800 or send an email. If more than one person refers us to the same client, the first person who fills out the Referral Form on this website gets the $250 gift card.
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