Effect Launches 5 Redesigned Websites in Michiana

Warsaw, Indiana, December 27, 2018 – In the third quarter of 2018, the team at Indiana-based web design firm, Effect Web Agency, was proud to launch five Michiana business websites. Each of the redesigned websites is active and available to the public.

From redesign to reimagining, each of these sites has been built to the clients’ specifications for effective websites that are mobile-friendly, intuitive to the user, and easy to update.

South Bend Clinic

Inspired in 1916 by the Mayo Clinic, the South Bend Clinic is comprised of nearly 150 providers and 10 campuses/offices. They now make up nearly 30 different board certifications, but they stay true to their founders’ purpose. See more at SouthBendClinic.com


Online store RVAwningsMart.com offers quality RV awning fabric, durable hardware replacement parts, RV Awning misting systems, and RV awning LED lights at savings of 40%. Compare this to their online competitors from the heart of RV Land, Elkhart, Indiana. See more at RVAwningsMart.com

Beacon Health System

Beacon Health System is the region’s most trusted partner and guide to creating and maintaining health and well-being. Their award-winning partners – Elkhart General Hospital, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Beacon Children’s Hospital, Beacon Home Care and Beacon Medical Group – are powered by more than 7,000 associates, providing the best care possible to people of all ages. As the regional leader in childbirth, mental health, cancer, pediatrics, trauma, heart and vascular care, stroke, surgery, weight loss services and community health programs, Beacon Health System is helping their region achieve the highest quality of life. See more at BeaconHealthSystems.org

Archie’s Math

This non-profit outreach program is dedicated to helping elementary aged children improve math proficiency through hands-on, interactive exhibits tied directly to PA Academic Standards. Archie’s Math consists of 20 interactive “pop-up” exhibits, which explain and demonstrate the basic math principles taught in grades K – 6. See more at ArchiesMath.org

Fire Keeper’s Memories

The Effect Web Agency team built both a user-friendly website as well as an app (iPhone and Android) for Fire Keeper’s Memories – an effort to capture the family and tribal oral history which has been passed down through stories told around a campfire. Throughout history, the storytellers were known as the “Keepers of the Fire,” and their memories helped keep the flame of family and community traditions alive. The website and app provide a simple way for members to add memories via pictures, videos, and stories, where they can be stored on a timeline and be retrieved quickly by date, story title, category, and name of those mentioned in a story. A popular feature of the site is that other members can receive notifications on the app when they’ve been mentioned in a memory, adding a community element back to the experience. This memory will be added to that member’s timeline and will become part of their catalog of memories, enhancing the richness and color of personal histories. Visit FireKeepersMemories.com to view the site.

Titan Sales & Consulting

In addition to newly launched full websites completed in Q3 2018, Effect Web Agency created an user-facing enhancement for current customer, Titan Sales & Consulting of Elkhart Indiana, with a browsable inventory. Titan provides adhesive, bonding, and sealing solutions for the building industry, recreational vehicles, specialty vehicles, and trailers. See the site and new inventory area at TitanSC.com.

Effect Website founder, Steve Schmidt, notes: “Our mission is to create effective websites that work to attract visitors and convert them to customers through high-performance websites and web marketing strategies. We serve others as we would want to be served – and that helps create trust-based relationships with clients. They know we’re there to help them now, and we’ll be there to help them when they need it in the future. We are grateful to each of these customers for letting us bring their vision to the Michiana business community and the world.”

About Effect Web Agency

An Indiana-based website development firm specializing in effective design, audience attraction, and site conversion, Effect Web Agency has been trusted to design sites both large and small for more than 15 years. Effect’s team takes pride in the trust customers place in them to help make SEO-focused, user-friendly websites, as evidenced by their the high percentage of customer referrals. More information can be found at EffectWebAgency.com.

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