The Power of a Single Page Website

It’s almost impossible for any business to thrive without some type of digital footprint. Your customers rely on reviews and your website for product research and to establish your credibility as a supplier. However, it’s not always necessary for you to invest in a complicated website. In fact, with the emphasis on Google Business Listings and mobile search, a new type of site is becoming popular – the Single Page Website.

A Single Page Website consists of a single landing page and nothing else. Your content presents in a long-form layout and gets directly to the point. In a world full of visual noise and data overload, this simple approach really resonates with users IF the content presented meets their needs.

For example:

A pest control company in Southern California wanted to promote their Pest Control Program with local homeowners. They purchased domains for every city within their service area and built single page websites for each domain.

  • and so on.

They were able to link to the sites through their social media accounts, Yelp, and their Google Business Listing. The result was a more targeted clientele and higher conversions.

The Benefits of a Single Page Site

Short development time – If you are a new company that needs to get the word out about your product or service quickly, a one page Web site can accomplish that.

Inexpensive investment –  It’s no secret that a Web site is one of the most cost effective forms of promotion and advertising. You can also continually track and measure your return on investment (ROI) through a wide variety of web analytic tools.

Simplicity –  The simplistic nature of a one-page site can help cut through the clutter to provide customers with only the information they need and thus turn visitors into customers.

Branding assistance – For new businesses, a web page can help you begin to brand your product or service. The more your target audience is exposed to the visual elements of your brand (think logos, other graphics, colors, and fonts) the more likely they will be to remember you.

Get a head start on search rankings and social media – Having a website from the onset of your business can also help you get a jump start on your rankings in the search engines and your social media marketing efforts.

The Goals of a Simple Site

Provide a professional representation – Websites are your chance to make a great first impression. Make sure the graphics and content represent your product or service in a professional manner.

Communicate your differences – Keep the content short and sweet but make sure you communicate what makes YOU different than your competitors.

Guide the visitor to take action – Whether you want the visitors to pick up the phone and call you or print directions to your location, make sure you encourage visitors to take action.

It’s worth noting that many service businesses do not need anything more than a single page site.  However, others would benefit from starting with a one-page site and then upgrading to a more user-centric site as soon as they have the time and money to invest.

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