Jomar Launches New Website – Elkhart, Indiana – July 13, 2016

Jomar Launches New Website – Elkhart, Indiana – July 13, 2016

Effect Web Agency is pleased to announce the completion of the Jomar Machining & Fabricating website, In a mutually beneficial partnership of two local businesses, Jomar selected Effect to create a secure website with an easy-to-update administration and built-in SEO capabilities on a customized mobile responsive platform.

As a manufacturing firm specializing in large machining and fabrication projects. Middlebury-based Jomar serves several industries including, but not limited to: industrial shredding equipment, steel beam layout and fabrication, wood burning boilers, agricultural equipment and many others. Earlier this year, Jomar came to Effect with a request to update their current website into a revitalized website which highlighted their manufacturing capabilities and allowed them to manage the website on their own. Effect’s team reviewed Jomar’s request, then planned and created a turn-key, customized solution for Jomar in less than a month.

Effect specializes in enabling clients to take control of their websites while providing an optimal SEO environment and full site support, from updates. Effect recently expanded their offices to include an Indianapolis branch.

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Effect Web Agency focuses on getting real, measurable  results in SEO, Social, Adwords  for clients as well as designing attractive, mobile-friendly websites. This combination of technical strengths has made Effect one of the most sought-after web design firms in northern Indiana. Since being established in 2004, Effect has worked to build a reputation with clients as the easy-to-work-with, results-driven, marketing-infused website solution that typical web techies aren’t.

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