How to Increase the Number of Links in Your Google Results

Google has begun to add links to web page snippets on search result pages. Now people can not only click on the top link to go to the main page, they can also click on a link within the snippets to go to a specific section within a page.

Here is an example of a listing that includes the additional links:


Because these added links act as additional calls to action for your visitors, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to help ensure these new links appear. According to Google’s Raj Krishnan,

“There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that they might appear on your pages. First, ensure that long, multi-topic pages on your site are well-structured and broken into distinct logical sections. Second, ensure that each section has an associated anchor with a descriptive name (i.e., not just “Section 2.1”), and that your page includes a “table of contents” which links to the individual anchors. The new in-snippet links only appear for relevant queries, so you won’t see it on the results all the time — only when we think that a link to a section would be highly useful for a particular query.”

Another thing worth noting is that I”ve noticed that for now I have to be signed out of my Google account in order to see the links within the snippets.

Having Google display links within snippets on search results is just one of the many elements that should be included in an effective SEO strategy. The more visible you are in the search engines the more qualified traffic will land on your site and the more sales opportunities you have.

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