More Leads through Google Adwords

Is the objective or your online marketing to get leads? Do you run or are thinking about running a Google Adwords campaign? Then read on. Many companies are spending bookoo bucks with Google Adwords. There’s a way to spend less and get better responses at the same time.

More Leads

First, let’s compare the steps for a user to take action on a traditional Pay-Per-Click ad. When a customer sees your ad: they click it to load the webpage, probably load a couple more pages and then contact you. Even with a great ad message that sends people to an well-written and optimized landing page, the customer must take at least two steps.

If it makes sense for your customers to call you, put a phone number on your Adwords ads using Google’s new “Call Metrics” service. This phone number will show in search results for those using mobile devices. Instead of clicking through to your landing page, they can simply call you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t count against your ad’s character count. Google will generate a phone number for you and it will show below your ad. Some people would just rather call in. They will see the number on the ad and call. Customers that would have clicked if you didn’t have a phone number, now don’t click and just call. Calls are cheaper than clicks.

According to Effect Web Agency’s Pay-Per-Click Director, :

“Overall, the cost is much less… With mobile search increasing you want to have phone calls rather than clicks. We are seeing a higher percentage of calls than clicks. It’s a no-brainer to at least have a number added to your ad. You want to have the most visibility and ways for your potential customers to interact with you.”

Is putting phone numbers in Adwords Ads new?

Putting a phone number in the ad is not new. However, what is new is attaching a phone number to your ad which does not use up your ad message length and integrates tracking right into Adwords Call Metrics.

So how do you track calls?

Google’s “Adwords Call Metrics” tracks how many calls you receive and other information about each call such as who called and the length of the call.

Is Adwords Call Metrics avilable yet?

It’s available to a limited number of advertisers currently. Effect Web Agency is one of them. Effect’s Pay-Per-Click Director manages over $14 million in online marketing budgets continually. If you’d like to talk to us about reviewing and/or managing your Adwords campaigns, please contact us.

Free Leads

Many advertisers have not yet taken advantage of Adwords “Location” and phone extensions. By filling in these extensions, your location and phone number will show on your listing. Those who call this phone number will not generate a cost for you. Overall, this will lower your spending per lead.

Can I just put a phone number in my ad?

Yes, but our Pay-Per-Click Director does not recommend this. Putting a phone number in your ad uses up your valuable ad text space. This text should be reserved for positioning your offering and attracting best-fit customers.


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