Effect opens second work space in Indianapolis

Granger, Indiana, September 13, 2016 – Effect Web Agency is pleased to announce the opening of a second work space in Indianapolis. This location expansion comes on the heels of the relocation of Effect’s main office to Granger, Indiana.

Founded in 2004 by Goshen College graduate Steve Schmidt, Effect Web Agency has a host of clients who range from manufacturers to law offices, local to international. Website services offered by Effect include: website assessment, website planning, mobile websites, website management,  website content creation, Google Ranking, etc.

“As we have expanded our client base, it made sense to move our main office to Granger as a more central location in Northern Indiana,” stated Steve Schmidt, President of Effect Web Agency. “When we realized there was an opportunity to add a work space in Indianapolis, we knew it was the right next step for Effect. The Indianapolis office expansion will allow us to better serve our current Indianapolis clients and participate in the burgeoning technology scene in Indianapolis.”

The Indianapolis office will be staffed on an as needed basis by specialists from Effect’s staff to support client needs and client development. In addition to founding Effect, Schmidt heads up business development for Effect.

About  Effect

Effect Web Agency focuses on getting real, measurable results in SEO, Social, Adwords  for clients as well as designing attractive, mobile-friendly websites. This combination of technical strengths has made Effect one of the most sought-after web design firms in northern Indiana. Since being established in 2004, Effect has worked to build a reputation with clients as the easy-to-work-with, results-driven, marketing-infused website solution that typical web techies aren’t

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