How 5 Google Places Reviews Bring Free Traffic


It’s pretty easy to get more traffic through your Google Places listing. To be clear: I’m talking about your business listing on Google Maps.

Should you care? Only if you have a location that you want customers to visit. If you are a manufacturer with dealers, it would be a no-brainer for your dealers to do this so they can attract more leads.

Not sure if you have a business listing? Just search Google using your phone number and you’ll know. (Example: “574-533-3800”).


do i have google places listing


Here’s how you get the free traffic I’m talking about: If you get at least 5 reviews published on your Google Places listing, the rating stars will show with your listing. These little graphics help attract attention and indicate that you do good work. You’ve just boosted the chances that you will be clicked on – even if you’re not at the top.

What’s the easiest way to get Google Places reviews?

Once you’ve finished another good job for a customer and they give you positive feedback, ask them to post a review on your Google Places page. You’ll want to make this easy for them so they will be likely to actually follow through and do it. Here’s how you make it easy:

Write an email or letter that asks them to give you a review on Google Places. You will need to give them the link to your listing so they can go directly there to post the review. See the video above to get this link. Here’s a sample email template you can use for your customers once they have verbally communicated that they liked your work. Just paste your link in and tweak it to your liking. Expect about 1 out of 3 people to actually follow through with this. People are busy, or they don’t have a Google account or another neutral reason. If you want 5 reviews published – ask 15 people.

Template Message


We appreciate your business and enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your recent positive feedback. There’s one way you can really help us… Would you like to post a quick review on our Google Places page? There’s 3 simple steps:

1. Login to your Google Account (if you’re not already).

2. Click this link to get to our Google Places page: PASTE YOUR LINK HERE

3. Click the “Write Review” button. It looks like this: how to get customers to write a google places review

Thank You!


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